Hayzee - old beats

Totally 80s: Haysi Fantayzee is Big Leggy . 12:15 pm. Topics ... dance beats , cartoony sound ... this is what happened to my 18-year- old stomach that day ...

His latest offering is Gonna Pop , a similarly potent joint with looped Wiley vocal – a little repetitive but really catchy – and filthy, jarring synths. It’s good to hear Sir OJ taking this style further, slotting in alongside Kaytranada, Pomo and Bondax in the after-hours playlist. Fingers crossed 2014 sees a full release and a UK date or two from this guy.

Friends of the 41-year-old actress say the marriage has been turbulent since the couple, right, and Patsy’s ten-year-old son Lennon, went to the Maldives at Christmas for a belated honeymoon.

Hayzee - Old Beats